Open Water Venue Affiliation

Open Water Venue Affiliation

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STA has trained thousands of open water swimming coaches over the years and as further support for this thriving sector, we have created an STA Open Water Venue Affiliation programme, to help open water venues gain recognition from a national governing body in swimming and an international award-winning organisation.

The online STA Open Water Venue Affiliation programme has been designed to support open water venues operating at a safe and nationally recognised standard, so that they can proudly showcase their commitment to maintaining the highest standards of health and safety, business procedures, and customer service.

How to apply to become an STA Affiliated Open Water Venue in 2 Steps?

The online programme is open to businesses of all sizes, and is a simple and straight forward 2-step process.

1. Once you have purchased your STA Open Water Venue Affiliation online programme for just £85 access the programme via online learning area of your STA Online account. (You can dip in and out of the programme and complete in your own time)

2. Success! Shout about your new status. Download your STA Open Water Venue Affiliation logo upon successful completion of the programme and display it on all your marketing materials.