Fundamentals of Trauma-Informed Practice in Swimming Lessons

Fundamentals of Trauma-Informed Practice in Swimming Lessons

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This CPD has been developed in partnership with Janine Ramsey of Trauma-Informed Aquatics and is the first module in a customised series developed to help swimming teachers gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be trauma-informed in swimming teaching.

Swimming teachers will learn how to deliver trauma-informed swimming teaching practices and why this is essential knowledge for achieving optimal wellbeing and learning outcomes. Swimming teachers will also develop a greater understanding of how trauma-informed practice aligns with best practice in swimming teaching as guided by the STA.

This programme covers:

  • Programme introduction
  • Self-care and personal wellbeing during trauma-related CPD
  • What is trauma-informed practice?
  • What does trauma-informed practice involve?
  • Five core principles of trauma-informed practice
  • Seven core components involved in trauma-informed practice
  • Why trauma-informed practice is important and relevant in swimming lessons
  • What does the application of trauma-informed practice look like in swimming lessons?
  • Video examples of trauma-informed swimming teaching practice in action