Autism Swim: Bundle Five (Building Rapport & Increasing Engagement)

Autism Swim: Bundle Five (Building Rapport & Increasing Engagement)

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This training module is part of the comprehensive suite of training and certification offered by the global leaders in inclusive aquatics, Autism Swim.

Autism Swim (AS) provides a range of professional development services for aquatic professionals working with Neurodiverse participants in and around the water. Autism Swim and STA have partnered to offer introductory training modules for those not quite ready to undertake the full training and certification. For more information on certification, please visit the website.

In this training package, we cover two individual training modules - Building Rapport and Increasing Engagement. Building rapport is a vital part of engaging with your participant and helping them achieve their aquatic goals. In the Building Rapport training module, we break down the process of getting to know your neurodiverse participants in more detail, and look at ways to engage with them, to help them achieve their aquatic goals.

One of the most common challenges that participants face is maintaining engagement levels. In the Increasing Engagement module, you will learn specific strategies for how to increase and maintain engagement in your sessions.

By the end of the Building Rapport module, providers will be able to:

  1. Consider individual interests and goals when planning aquatic sessions
  2. Identify strategies to help motivate participants during aquatic sessions
  3. Utilise positive pairing during sessions so that participants associate you with safety, fun and happiness

By the end of the Increasing Engagement module, providers will be able to:

  1. Understand the impacts of executive functioning skills on initiating, focusing and completing tasks during aquatic sessions
  2. Recognise how lack of focus and attention can contribute to behaviour needs
  3. Choose strategies to increase participant’s focus during aquatic sessions
CPD Value½ STA CPD Point per module
Price: £16.00
Estimated Time to Complete: 25 minutes

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