Baby Shark Fin-Credible (Daddy Shark)

Baby Shark Fin-Credible (Daddy Shark)

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Woven badge and A4 certificate


The flexibility of these awards mean they can also be rewarded multiple times to represent all ‘first’ baby swimming milestones – here are just ten examples, and there is a blank space on the certificates for swimming teachers to add in their own milestones:


●          First Swimming Lesson                      ●          First Swim with Adult

●          First Jump In                                       ●          First Little Swim

●          First Floatation                                    ●          First Safe Entry

●          First Bubbles                                       ●          First Roll onto Back

●          First Splash                                         ●          First Roll onto Front


Plus, because these are standalone awards, the Baby Shark certificates and badges can be used to support all baby and pre-school programmes, not just STA.

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